Meet the Team

Calvin James

Finance Officer/


Hi my name is Calvin and have been an employee at the Pearson Centre for almost 7 years. I thoroughly love my job, the team are great to work with and customers have become friends. I am a big music collector and well back into vinyl. l also enjoy holidaying in Blackpool, thankfully l saw a great deal more of the world in my younger years but now restricted as l have developed a huge fear of flying!

Claire Blades

Development Worker

Hello My name is Claire and I have worked at the Pearson Centre for Young People from September 2022.

I have been a volunteered for years now and helped out in Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade and Holiday Clubs.

I am also an officer in Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade for over 10 years now. I have been part of the Girls’ Brigade from the age of 8 years old and have loved it being part of a family like this.

I really enjoy bring part of this amazing Centre and all it has to offer the area in and around Beeston and seeing the Young People grow and develop.

Sarah McKee

Part Time Administrator

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a part time Administrator and also help with Holiday Club  which is run throughout the school holidays at The Pearson Centre for Young People.   

Afiq Luqman

Part Time Sessional Worker

Lynn Cahill

Part time Cleaner

My name is Lynn Cahill.  I have worked at The Pearson Centre for Young People cleaning for a number of years.  I enjoy lots of walks with my dog and grandchildren.  I also enjoy eating out and going on holiday.

John Wilson OBE


Andy Taylor


Andrew Bunyan

Chairman of the Trustees’ / Boys’ Brigade Captain

Karen Jowett

Trustee / Girls’ Brigade Team Leader

Tom Jowett


Boys' Brigade Anchors

Section Leader – Natalie Barber

Claire Blades, Alfie Russell, Dan George 

Anchors – Monday 6:00 – 7:15pm for ages 5 – 8

Boys' Brigade Juniors

Section Leader – Andrew Bunyan

 David Steggles, Ian George, 

 Juniors – Monday 6:15 – 7:45pm for ages 8 – 11

Boys' Brigade Company

Section Leader – Tom Jowett

Andrew Bunyan, Claire Blades, Dylan Haliday-Jones

Company – Monday 7 – 9pm for ages 11 – 14

Girls' Brigade Explorers

Section Leader – Claire Blades

Eve Slater, Gabbie Hill

Explorers – Thursday 5:45 – 7pm for ages 5 – 8

Girls' Brigade Juniors

Section Leader – Susan Holmes

Karen Jowett, Kerrie King 

Juniors – Thursday 5:45 – 7:00pm for ages 8 – 11

Girls' Brigade Seniors

Section Leader – Karen Jowett

 Graham Bostock, John Wilson, Claire Blades, Louise Bacon

Seniors – Thursday 7:15 – 9pm for ages 11 – 14

Girls' Brigade Brigaders

Section Leader – Kerrie King

Brigaders – Thursday 7:15 – 9pm for ages 14+