Have an hour or two to spare during the week? Want to help children and young people develop? The Pearson Centre relies on volunteers to work with the children and young people who attend The Centre.  Our activities include Athletics Club, Cookery Club, Dodgeball, Discovery, Youth Gym, Find Your Art, Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade. If you would like to get involved please contact The Centre to find out more!


We would like to say a big thank you to our volunteers. With their dedication and hard work we are able to offer great activities for children and young people at The Pearson Centre for Young People.    

Nathalie Barber      

Sara Hand                     

Alisha Lawrence          

Liz Shilcock

Becky  Harris   

James Hellon                 

David Steggles

Graham Bostock       

Simon Lukas            

Caleb Kindermam                       

Alfie Russell

Paul Hand                 

Kerrie King

Emmanuel Chukwuma

Ksenija Beschastnih

Steven Thornton 

Heather Brough     

Kay Sullivan

Andrew Bunyan       

Daniel Swain

Sarah Butcher      

Dan May                  

Jack Titterton

Caroline Jones 

Sam May                  

Andy Glasgow         

Daniel Young

Janie Goodman        

Jack Ireland

Elizabeth Murton

Kate Aspden-Mansfield

Millie Thorpe 

Karen Jowett 

Scott Underwood

Becki Coope             

Thomas Jowett   

Adam Walker

Wendy Kane                      

Charliey Kelvey 

Bryan O’Connor       

Emma Williams

Elliott Kerry                     

John M A Wilson

Ian George               

Alexander Bunyan 

Daniel Eyres

Lydia King 

Lauren Haynes 


“As a volunteer, I was supported from the beginning and throughout my time at the Pearson Centre. The development activities gave me a platform to develop my skills of working with young people as well as the confidence to lead sessions. Thank you for a great experience! “

Heather Duckworth

“For anyone looking to volunteer at The Pearson Centre, I would strongly recommend it! There are many different opportunities to volunteer – from the Boys Brigade to after school clubs. I have helped out in the Boys’ Brigade and Holiday Clubs and cannot remember a time where I have not enjoyed myself! Helping with activities, setting up tasks and joining in with the kids is really rewarding. It’s fun, gives you a sense of responsibility and allows you to gain lots of skills while helping others out. Whether you are good at crafts, sports, cooking or just communicating with the kids, there will be a club that will benefit from the skills you have to offer.”

Alfie Russell

We are looking for new volunteers for our Autumn Holiday Club! 

For information on our next Holiday Club click here.

If you want to be involved with volunteering in the Holiday Club then do contact our office on 0115 9254112 or our development worker Hayley Wattis – developmentworker@thepearsoncentre.org.uk